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Gantt Viewer mini-FAQ

1.  How can I open GanttViewer from ToDoList?
You must make next settings in window 'Preferences -> User Defined Tools':
- Press 'New Tool'
- Write 'Gantt Viewer' in column-field 'Tool Name'
- Set path to file GanttViewer.exe in field 'Path' (as default it is in folder: \GanttViewer), f.ex. this line can be: C:\Program Files\GanttViewer\GanttViewer.exe
- Set path to GanttViewer.ico in field 'Icon' (as default it is in folder: \GanttViewer\Image)
- Field 'Arguments' must have: "$(pathName)"
Now, you can see GanttViewer icon on ToDoList's toolbar
Everytime as you press it, GanttViewer will open active tasklist in NEW window

2.  Why are some dates in columns displayed in color dark blue?
Some main tasks do not contain dates in general in *.tdl file, the program calculates dates according to subtask's dates to different algorithms. The calculated dates displayed dark blue.

3.  One of subtasks starts on April, 01, dues on April, 10. Other subtask starts on April, 05, and dues on April, 15. Why main task for these two subtasks starts on April, 20 and dues on April, 25, though, to my mind, it must start on April, 01, and due on April, 15?
Such situation appears only in case if the main tasks start and due dates are actual. (Dates are in *.tdl file for this task)
Actual dates have priority above the calculated from subtasks dates. Correct or delete dates from the main task in the program TodoList, and then in GanttViewer they will calculate dates from subtasks dates.

4.  And why not to set up priority for dates "calculated from subtasks" above "dates obviously indicated" in main task? Or to do like, as in MS Project: if a task has subtasks, its dates are automatically formed from subtasks.
This is a question of planning methodology (from a top to bottom or from a bottom to top).
We expect that the program will be used both for creation of project tree and for control of its realization.
While planning it's not always clear, whether a task will contain subtasks, how many of them will be, , or at the beginning of project all details are not obvious, but the project has to be started, as it's often in practice. If planning is completed and the stages of project are standard and known, and it's implementation begins only in this case, it is possible to control through the method of forming dates in tasks from bottom to top.

5.  Why some headings of columns are selected a bold face font, and some of them not?
If you click on a heading of column, it will be fixed on a screen (as freeze panes), so this column and noted before columns always will be displayed while scrolling right. The task's name column is always displayed.

6.  I don't like the combination of colors on a diagram at all.
You can change all colors through the program settings. But you can not change the color of vertical "today" lines.

7.  In some tasks diagram begins with minus infinity, much earlier than my project has began, and ends in the term indicated by me?
If the task doesn't have a start date, but only due date, the program thinks that the task has started long time ago. You can write START date directly in this task, if it doesn't satisfy you.

8.  In some tasks a diagram begins from my date and ends in plus infinity?
If the task has a start date, but no due date, the program thinks that the task does not have an end.
You can write DUE date in this task obviously. Than your aims and tasks will have terms. Perhaps, it will help you to reach them

9.  Why while restarting my file the program does not remember if concrete knots of tree were expanded or collapsed?
The project file could be renewed in the ToDoList program, also a number of knots and structure of tree could have changed.
You can overload fully expanded or fully collapsed project file, in this case the program will react according to discrete value.

10.  Why the program has access only for 2008..2012 years. My project is more continuous!
The program develops, existent functions will be extended.

11.  Why the field of choice and selection of resources 'PERSON' is inaccessible sometimes?
The program ToDoList has the field 'Allocated TO'. If the project file doesn't contain these resources in tasks, the field of choice is inaccessible. Enter at least one value of resource in the program ToDoList, then you will be able to filter according to this value in GanttViewer.

12.  To my mind, the program must execute following functions and must have these features: ..., ..., ...
You can formulate the wishes in Russian or English language and send them to us. If your wishes seem useful to us, we will try to realize them coming from the presence of spare time. You can discuss your wishes in Russian or English languages on the Russian forum or in English on the forum of developer of TodoList. Look at links on main page.
If you consider, that developer of Gantt Viewer ignores and does not realize your very valuable wishes, you can write your own variant of GanttViewer for TodoList.

13.  I want to give a financial help to the developer of this program, or to pay realization of some certain functions and my wishes.
The program is simple and free of charge; an author doesn't expect any rewards. We are very glad, that you already use the program. We hope, that due to the evident reflection of tasks as diagrams of Gantt, you will be able to put aims and plan the ways of their achievement more clearly.
But if you still want to help, contact author of GanttViewer by e-mail in the program menu.

14.  The program ToDoList is not only free of charge but also open source. Why the program GanttViewer is not open source?
The program Gantt Viewer is written by Delphy and always will be free of charge. To our opinion, open codes of the program do not make it more functional, it only can multiply the great number of RC with an incomprehensible future. In a future we plan to use in our program some non- "open source" subprograms.

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